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القائمة الانتخابية لجامعة الشاذلي بن جديد- الطارف الخاصة بإنتخابات عضوية المحكمة الدستورية
بيان صحفي لوزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي لحاملي شهادة البكالوريا 2021
lancement de l'appel à soumission des nouveaux projets de recherche formation universitaire (PRFU) au titre de l'année 2022
منصة الموارد التعليمية

Arabic - Frensh 

*October 1992 , an Agroveterinary Institute attached to the Badji-Mokhtar University of Annaba, opened in El Tarf. .

* 2001Agroveterinary Institute gained its functional autonomy and was gained the status of University Center by executive decree ((creation decree n ° 01-276 of 30 Joumada Ethania 1422 corresponding to 18 September 2001 (OJ n°53 du 18.09.2001 pages 18-19)). It was composed of two institutes :

- Institute of Veterinary Sciences - Institute of Agronomic Sciences

* 2006 , the university center of El Tarf saw its number of institutes grow, by the executive decree n ° 06-279 of August 16, 2006  (OJ N° 52 du 20 Août 2006, Page 9), which defines the number and majors composing it as follows :

- Institute of Nature and Life Sciences

Institute of Veterinary Science

- Institute of Letters and Languages

* June 2012 , the University of El Tarf was created under Executive Decree N°. 12-242 of 14 Radjab 1433 corresponding to June 4, 2012 (JO n°35 du 20 Juin 2012) , and is composed of the following six faculties :

- Faculty of Science and Technology

- Faculty of Nature and Life Science

- Faculty of lettres and Languages

- Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

- Faculty of Economics, Business and Management Sciences

- Faculty of Law and Political Sciences.

* October 2014, the University of El Tarf is named "Chadli Bendjedid University" under the decision n ° 01/14 of 29 Dhou-al-Hijah, corresponding to 23 October 2014 delivered by the ministry of mujahidin, bearing the name of the university institutions.

The Directors :

Since its creation, several directors have succeeded each other, each one contributing through its evolution across the years.


  Pr .OUZROUT Rachid : from May 01,2002 to May 31,2007 (Director of the University Center)
M.SOUISSI Mohamed : From June 07,2007 to April 19,2008. (Director of the university Center)
M.DERRADJI Salah : from April 20,2008 to February 15,2010. (Director of the university Center)

Pr. SIAB Rachid : du February 15,2010 to Janaury 07,2017 . (Director of the university Center and then Rector of the University)
Pr. Abd El Aziz : Rector of the University from January 07,2017 to  November 22,2018.
Pr. BACHKHAZNADJI Abdelmalik : Current Rector of the University.
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